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Added Value Services

Our core business is providing a professional, personal, high value solution to your day-to-day accounting needs. We use our qualifications and experience not only to complete this work quickly and accurately, but we also use initiative to identify problems and opportunities.

You may want us to assist further to help you strategically plan your business with you.

Your business is a tool to help you get what you want for your family and your lifestyle.

You may love what you do and are happy to spend many hours doing it, but others want to minimise time spent in the business to achieve the right work/life balance.

The important thing is to have the business running the way you want it to.

Stephen Covey in "7 habits of highly effective people" said that you should always start with the end in mind!

Step 1 is therefore to decide certain things about your business, what do you want it to be? What do you want it to become? What sort of income does it need to achieve? How many hours do you want to work? What is your Vision? What value does you business need to have when you retire?

Having decided these things you can then start to make a strategic plan to achieve these things.

Then you can consider the nuts and bolts, and put the right systems in place

Of course all of the above is a simplification of the whole process.

How can we help?

We have worked with many businesses over the years and have a wealth of experience.

We can offer a Business Review to help you assess all these things. We will produce a comprehensive jargon free report which will review where you are now and what steps you should be taking to get the business that works for you.

Remember that the business should work for you rather than you becoming a slave to your business.

We will give an up front �no quibble� fixed fee quote to do this. If you feel that you have not received value from the process and report we will refund your fee in full.

We can offer a �hands on� Business Review and Implementation. This goes a stage further over the Business Review by helping you implement the decisions reached. Designing and implementing systems, with your full involvement.

Again we will give an up front "no quibble" fixed fee quote. If after any stage in the process you feel you are not getting value from us we will refund your fee for that stage and if necessary stop or review the entire process.

We can help your business stay on track attending board meetings. Business Board View.

p>Board meetings should consider the important matters facing your business, constantly reviewing whether the business is on track to achieving its stated goals and objectives. We have found that if you involve us at this level on a regular basis we can make an invaluable contribution.

Indispensable Member Of Your Team

By getting to know you and your business we will become an indispensable member of your team. We always want to exceed your expectations and go that step further.

Most Trusted Business Advisor

We want all our clients to see us as the most trusted business advisor. We hope that whenever you have some issue in your business you will contact us first. We don't get annoyed that you are bothering us, we want you to phone/email/text so that you do the right thing there and then. It is more difficult to unravel something when it has gone wrong than to spend time getting it right in the first place. If we are placed to help you resolve the issue we will do so. If the matter requires input from other professional advisors we can introduce appropriate people to work with us. This may include:


Corporate finance consultants

Financial advisors


Insolvency practitioners


We work with a carefully selected range of advisors who we trust and are pleased to recommend as necessary.

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